Make Sure Your Garage is Stocked With Essentials

Posted on: December 03, 2019
Make Sure Your Garage is Stocked With Essentials

Make Sure Your Garage is Stocked With Essentials

When you survey your garage’s contents, there is probably a mix of useful, playful, and essential items. No matter if you use your garage for outdoor items and car storage or more as a living space, there are items that you should and should not have on hand. Don’t let your garage be a catchall or oversized junk drawer, but center on these key items.

Lawn and garden tools: Make sure you have shovels, hoses, ice melt, rakes, gardening tools, and extension cords that are in good shape. It is a good time to check out these tools seasonally and toss out worn-out items and replace them with fresh ones.

Car care: Anything related to your vehicles should be neatly stored nearby, such as windshield washer fluid, oil, cleaning products, and tire pressure gauge.

Fun stuff: Your kids’ outdoor toys should not just be tossed in the corner in a jumbled mess. Have a large bin for all of your children’s sports items and fun gear. Having a place for your children’s bikes, and scooters can help them learn to keep them there to avoid damage and clutter.

Seasonal and extra stuff: Halloween and Christmas decorations can find a home in your garage. But anything that is stored out in the weather needs to be able to stand up to temperature changes. Your delicate Christmas items need a home inside your home.

On the flip side, there are items that can cause issues if they are stored in your garage and may even be dangerous. Materials that can bring insects into your garage are a bad idea as well as fragile pieces.

Temperature’s effects: Even if your garage is well insulated, the cold will get in and can affect what is in there. For instance, beverages, including pop cans, can explode in extremely cold temperatures. Also, be mindful of what you store in your trunk as that space can really heat up in your garage during the summer months.

Insect attraction: Bringing bugs into your garage brings them a step closer to inside your home, and no one wants that. Old bedding, books, firewood, and pet food can cause rodents and critters to seek solace in your space.

Fragile pieces: Be mindful of stashing items that aren’t frequently used that have any fragile elements. Dirt, dust, and moisture are just some of the concerns that can affect anything in your garage.

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