Get Ready, Schedule Annual Garage Clean Sweep

Posted on: May 19, 2020
Get Ready, Schedule Annual Garage Clean Sweep

Get Ready, Schedule Annual Garage Clean Sweep

The chore of cleaning out your garage can seem overwhelming and low on the list of stuff to do as a homeowner. You may think of your garage space as more of an attic or outdoor storage shed, but it really is an extension of your home and needs a cleaning strategy. There are many benefits to taking the time to survey your garage and work to keep it clean. You may be surprised by how much dirt and debris can collect in corners and all over everything in your garage! As you walk through your garage often to access your home, think of where that dirt will end up!

Other perks of putting a plan into place:

What you got: A top benefit of taking time out to get down and dirty in your garage is to really see what you own. You may uncover something that you had been looking for or something that you forgot you had. 

Out with old: By surveying what you really got tucked away, you will have the opportunity to assess what is broken, old, outdated, or needs repairs and address these items. You want items ready to go when it is time to put them to use.

Purge and organize: Of course, a yearly check-in also allows for the removal of any items that have become clutter or unnecessary. If you did not use it last season or in a year, it is safe to say you do not need it. You can also better store and organize garage stuff at this point.

Before you launch your effort, get everything you need ready and in place. Among items, you will need include: gloves, broom, trash bags, step stool, power washer, and favorite cleaning product. When you begin to declutter and organize your items, it can be helpful to have a plan that includes an area for seasonal rotations. In the summer, pool toys and beach stuff will dominate and in the winter, snow gear and play stuff will be easily accessible. 

As you move items around and organize, make sure to clean open areas, including corners, garage door windows, and the floor. A leaf-blower can quickly push out floor debris. Your yearly clean-up can be easier if you take the time to pick up throughout the year.

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