Halloween Décor Ideas for Your Garage & Garage Door

Posted on: October 13, 2015
Halloween Décor Ideas for Your Garage & Garage Door

Halloween Décor Ideas for Your Garage & Garage Door

Decorate the Outside of a Closed Garage Door

If you do not plan on decorating the inside of your garage—perhaps due to lack of space—not to worry; there is still plenty that you can do with the outside of your garage door. Ensure that your garage door is in a fully closed position, and that any automatic door openers have been stored in a safe location where curious fingers won’t find them, before starting. Then, purchase a large garage door wrap depicting a scary Halloween scene, or create your own using butcher’s paper. If you have kids, get them involved in the process – creating scary art can be a fun Halloween activity for the whole family! In addition to the spooky scene, you can also place fake blood, cobwebs, and spiders on the outside of a garage door, too.

Use Eerie Lighting

Whether you are set on keeping your garage door open or closed, you can use eerie lighting to illuminate your spine-chilling set up. Choose neon or glow in the dark for a more fun effect, or use orange pumpkin-themed string lights. You can even carve jack-o-lanterns and fill them with artificial candles (or the real deal – but be safe!) and place them in front of or around a garage door. Tin can luminaries are another great idea.

Make A Haunted House…Er, Garage

With plenty of extra space, a garage can easily be transformed from your car’s home to a haunted house. Use the eerie lighting and decorations mentioned above, and have your family members dress up as spooky characters.

Keep it Safe this Halloween!

Using a garage or garage door as part of your Halloween décor is a great idea. However, before you do, make sure your garage door is safe – the worst thing that could happen is to have a preventable accident happen during such a fun holiday. With many children around, you need to take every extra precaution to ensure that your garage and garage door are as secure as possible. For emergency garage door repairs, or for a garage door servicing, reach out to the professionals at Affordable Garage Door, Inc.

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