Keep Your Home Safe When You’re Away From Home

Posted on: September 10, 2018
Keep Your Home Safe When You’re Away From Home

Keep Your Home Safe When You’re Away From Home

Nothing says summer like a family vacation! When you hit the road or take to the skies for your trip, you don’t want to worry about the safety and security of your homestead. From the garage to the front door, there are key ways to leave with peace of mind.

Your Pre-Trip Checklist

  • Double-check your doors and windows: It’s a simple task that takes no time but is often forgotten in the rush to get ready for a trip. Take the time to walk through your home and make sure all of your windows and doors are shut tight and locked securely.
  • Outdoor lighting: Pockets of darkness around your home’s exterior can create opportunities for home burglars to get in and out. Make sure there aren’t any burnt-out bulbs and consider motion-activated lighting as another layer of protection.
  • Put the ladder, stepping stool away: Don’t leave tools outside for anyone to easily access your home. Make sure they are locked away in a storage shed or hidden away in the garage.
  • Call on a neighbor: Ask a neighbor to stop by and check on your place every couple days that you are gone. Make sure they walk around the perimeter of your home to see if anything is out of place.
  • Save the vacation photos: We know you love to share your favorite shots from the beach in real time but posting pictures on your social media channels can wait. You can never know who friends of friends are and who is really seeing that you are out of town and your home is unoccupied.

Fix Issues Before Your Trip

At Affordable Garage Door Inc., we have expert technicians to repair your garage door issues. Don’t let your garage door be a vulnerable area. Besides not leaving openers in plain sight, making sure everything is in working order is vital to your home’s security.

We work on a range of garage door challenges from broken springs to dented tracks.

  • Panels: While they may be separate, panels work together as one unit. If one is wonky, the whole door can be affected. We can remove and replace panels as needed.
  • Rails: The tracks keep your door where it’s supposed to be. If there are bends or indentations, your door may not be able to move properly. We can repair or replace them depending on the issue.
  • Cables: They may be small, but they have a big role in your garage door’s health! Out-of-line cables can cause your door to get jammed. We can realign or replace any bad cables.
  • Springs: They give your door the lift it needs! We can tackle issues with both torsion and extension springs, so your door doesn’t get stuck open or closed.

A Safe and Secure Door is Vital To Your Home

We are ready to repair or replace your damaged door components! Stop by and see us at 1250 West 1180 Lane in Lowell, call us at 219-696-4279, email us at info@affordabledoorinc.com or fill out our online form.

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