How to Get Your Garage Organized & Updated

Posted on: September 04, 2015
How to Get Your Garage Organized & Updated

How to Get Your Garage Organized & Updated

Begin By Sorting

Going through old stuff in your garage doesn’t have to be tedious. Grab the family and begin by setting aside three designated areas: a to-keep pile, a throwaway pile, and a donate/sell pile. Then, go through your garage top-to-bottom, and determine what goes where. To make some extra cash, host a garage sale to get rid of anything that you haven’t used in the past few years.

Install Shelves and Storage

If you’re set on your garage being a storage area—rather than an office or playroom—then invest in shelving and storage units. To maximize space, try ceiling storage and mounted wall racks. Make sure to label any bins appropriately, and store like things together.

Consider Other Garage Uses

While the garage is traditionally used to store vehicle, sports gear, tools, and gardening equipment, that’s not all it’s good for; with some creativity and effort, your garage can be split to double as a home gym, second office, or even TV room. If you’re not using your whole garage or have another space to park your car, consider giving your garage a paint job, putting carpet down, and using it as an extra room of the house. If you decide to use the garage as an area of the house that you or your family members will frequent, make sure that your garage door is properly insulated to help regulate temperatures.

Improve Garage Safety

When you’re organizing your garage, don’t forget about safety measures. If you’re storing any dangerous objects or chemicals, ranging from gardening sheers to antifreeze, make sure that these are stored out of reach of curious animals or children. Chemicals should be in a locked cabinet for added security.

Additionally, if your garage doesn’t already have smoke detectors, install some. Give these smoke detectors the same attention that you would give the ones inside your home; a garage fire can be devastating.

Finally, improve your garage safety by ensuring that your garage door is in good working condition. If anything sounds or looks out of the ordinary, call a garage door professional for an inspection immediately.

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