How to Prevent Garage Door Opener Hacking

Posted on: February 08, 2023
How to Prevent Garage Door Opener Hacking

How to Prevent Garage Door Opener Hacking

How Your Garage Door Opener Can Be Hacked

Typically, there are two ways that hackers can gain access to your home through your garage door opener. With a fixed code to enter your garage, hackers can overwhelm the system by utilizing as many combinations as possible and landing on the correct combo. The second technique is OpenSesame and also takes advantage of an older garage door opener’s fixed code. A security expert is behind this revelation that a messaging device can break a code to get inside.

What’s New to Fight Hackers

Newer garage door openers put rolling code technology in place to no longer have a fixed code to access your door. With constantly changing codes, the above techniques no longer come into play and hackers are stopped in their tracks. Rolling codes use a system that selects a new code from literally billions of choices each and every time your garage door opener is activated. 

The Latest in LiftMaster Openers

At Affordable Garage Door, our team works with the LiftMaster brand of garage door openers to offer tops in innovations and technology. Garage door openers can have such options as saving space, more horsepower for heavier garage doors and maximum lifting capacity, a standby power system for functioning during a power outage and a quiet unit that is seen and not heard. Wi-Fi capabilities in some series of door openers can allow you to open and close your door from anywhere if your child forgets a key or code or a neighbor needs to get into your home to feed your cats. 

Beyond residential offerings, our team at Affordable can work with you to choose the best garage opener for any type of commercial applications or at your business. LiftMaster has a commercial series that can handle all types of jobs. 

A New Garage Door

If you determine that you also need a new garage door to go along with your opener, discuss this with our team. We install both residential and commercial garage doors. You can select from aluminum doors, coiling steel doors, insulated or non-insulated sectional doors and custom-engineered doors. We also work with a variety of specialty products and pole barns. For instance, you may find a commercial aluminum and glass exterior garage door at a restaurant, service station or car dealership. They allow light in and open visibility that plays into a modern and industrial vibe in your space.

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