How to Select the Right Garage Door Replacement for Your Home

Posted on: April 04, 2022
How to Select the Right Garage Door Replacement for Your Home

How to Select the Right Garage Door Replacement for Your Home

When your garage door is old, looks dingy, not functioning properly or just needs a refresh, a brand new door can really make an impact on your home’s curb appeal and ease of access. While function may be top-of-mind when considering a new door, there are many variations of style, colors and materials that can reinvent your home’s style and look.

If it is time to replace your home’s garage door, here are some tidbits to keep in mind.

Your space: What your garage is mainly used for can be a guide to a new door. If you are using your garage in the traditional sense of storage and parking your vehicles, then a higher insulation rating is not necessary. If your garage is another place to hang out, then you may want to consider a more energy-efficient and insulated garage door.

Style options: When determining a great fit for a replacement door, you should review your home’s overall sense of style and how a new door will fit into that category. Garage door styles range from modern and contemporary to classic charm. The CloPay collection hits all style notes with such series as Classic Wood and Modern Steel to Canyon Ridge Ultra Grain and Coachman.

Material upkeep: Homeowners that are replacing their garage doors need to decide how much maintenance they are ready and willing to do throughout the years. This will help them pinpoint their decision on the material of their garage door. Wood is a beautiful, rustic choice but can need a higher level of maintenance long term. Faux wood options can provide the look without the work. 

Light or not?: Windows can be a point of style as well as a source of light in your garage, especially if you are utilizing your garage as a spot to hang out. Windows can be in a variety of glass options and panels as well.

New opener: Consider replacing your opener when you are replacing your garage door for the latest in technology and to help check off this home improvement project as fully as possible. Garage door openers get a lot of use and work and a new one will operate at an optimal level with your new door.

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