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How to Winterize Your Garage Door

There is no better time to take action to prevent your garage door from damage this winter than now. Winterizing your garage door in the fall, before the first snowfall hits, can not only help to ensure that you do not run into any unexpected garage door problems this winter, but also that your garage is a comfortable and cozy place even when temperatures outside are bitterly cold. For homeowners living in Highland, Indiana, here are some tips for easy garage door winterization:

Repair Any Damaged Areas

One of the most important things that you need to do when winterizing your garage door is to check for any damaged areas—like dents or cracks—within your garage door. Damaged areas can let cold in and heat out, resulting in poor insulation and higher energy bills. What’s more, damaged area may also cause an accident in the future, or lead to more expensive repairs at a later date.

Replace Your Weather Stripping

If you want to make sure that you garage stays at a comfortable temperature this winter and that your energy bills stay as low as possible, check your weather stripping. If it is on its last leg, take the time to repair or replace it. It is normal for weather stripping to damage, crack, or wear over time; do not be surprised if a full replacement is necessary.

Make Sure Automatic Reversal Systems Are Working

Do not wait until it is miserably cold out to check your door’s automatic reversal systems. To do so, use an object—such as a broom—and wave it in front of the garage door’s sensor upon the garage door descent. If the garage does not automatically stop and re-open, something is wrong. Call a garage door repair professional immediately to have the problem corrected.

Lubricate Parts, Check Springs

Fall is also the time to make sure all working parts that are associated with your garage door are doing their job as smoothly as possible. Lubricate all the metal parts that comprise your garage door system, including garage door springs, rollers, and tracks. You’ll also want to check your garage door’s springs, known as the garage door’s counterbalance system. If you are not sure how to do this, call a professional.

Check Your Batteries

Finally, it may seem like common sense, but make sure you check your batteries in both your garage door remotes and your garage door external keypad (if you have one). Winter is no time to get trapped outdoors because your garage door opener(s) won’t work. To be safe, place an extra set of batteries in the car just in case your batteries do die on you this winter.

A Garage Door Professional Can Help You with All of Your Winterization Needs

For a non-garage-door-expert, some of the tasks above may seem daunting. If you need help getting your garage door ready for winter in Highland this fall, don’t hesitate to call a professional. In the long run, a professional help can save you time, money, and even prevent an avoidable accident from occurring. At Affordable Garage Door Inc., we are ready to meet with you today. Call us now at 219-696-4279.