Insulated Garage Doors vs. Noninsulated Doors

Posted on: March 08, 2022
Insulated Garage Doors vs. Noninsulated Doors

Insulated Garage Doors vs. Noninsulated Doors

When you are pondering what your new garage door should look like, also consider whether an insulated or noninsulated version would work best for your home! Our offerings from Clopay can create new curb appeal and style for your home. Here we break down the differences between insulated and not, no matter the design that you choose.

The Basics of Insulated Garage Doors

Just as insulation helps keep your home’s interior warmer, so can an insulated garage door. Insulation is inserted in the door’s structure to help serve as a buffer between the outside weather and inside your garage. Insulated garage doors are put together differently than the single panel of metal or wood that is part of a noninsulated garage door. 

So, what can you expect with an insulated garage door? You can consider an insulated door as part of your overall energy efficiency plan. If you already have energy-efficient windows and heating system, then a new door can take your home’s energy savings up a notch. This is true whether you spend time in your garage or not as it is still a part of your home and can cause cool and hot spots. Your garage is really a zone or transition from the outdoors to the indoors and an insulated version of a garage door can create a stronger barrier.

Another benefit of insulated doors is that they are often more durable due to their layers and more components. Typically, insulated doors have steel or aluminum frames and a solid-core insulation that is between more panels. This type of door can be more resistant to any dents and dings. Your vehicles parked in your garage will also benefit from being in a more insulated environment as they will not be as affected by below-freezing conditions. The cold can really slam your vehicle’s battery, tire pressure and spark plugs. Food you have in your outdoor refrigerator will also be stored at a more appropriate temperature with an insulated garage door.

The decision for an insulated garage door vs. a noninsulated garage door really comes down to personal preference and how much you are comfortable spending. As insulated versions tend to cost more, this is definitely part of the decision process. While it is an upfront cost, an insulated door can pay off in the long run by saving money on your utility bills and in the comfort of hanging out in your garage more as it is a better place to be.

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