It’s that Time of Year! Garage Spring Cleaning

Posted on: May 09, 2017
It’s that Time of Year! Garage Spring Cleaning

It’s that Time of Year! Garage Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year again! As the flowers start to bloom, birds begin to chirp, and baby animals are born throughout Lowell and surrounding areas of Indiana, thinking about spring cleaning is a must. While your home and yard are surely priorities, don’t neglect the garage and garage door.

Spring Cleaning Musts for Your Garage

Before temperatures get too hot and being in your garage is a nightmare, be sure to handle these garage spring cleaning musts:

  • Get organized. Once a year, you should go through your garage and commit to throwing out the things that you no longer use or need and are in poor condition, donating the things that you don’t need that are in good condition, and organizing the items that you’re choosing to keep. Go with locked cabinets for any dangerous chemicals to protect children and pets, and make sure that sharp or dangerous objects are out of reach. Use bins with labels to store all other small items.
  • Rethink your space. What do you use your garage for? What would you like to use your garage for? Many people think of the garage as simply place to store their tools, junk, and vehicle. However, the garage has the potential to be more than that, ranging from an office space to an art studio to a home gym. If you have been wanting to convert your garage for awhile, now may be the time.
  • Give it a good scrub. Sweep and mop floors, wipe down shelves, and clean windows. Garages are some of the grungiest places that there are – commit a few hours to getting things sparkling.

Don’t Forget the Garage Door!

As you embark in garage spring cleaning, don’t forget about your garage door! The garage door is a critical part of your garage and your home’s security, and deserves a little TLC. You should:

  • Perform basic maintenance, such as checking springs and oiling moving parts;
  • Assess your garage door for any damage, such as dents or mold;
  • Replace weatherstripping; and
  • Give your garage door a good clean – a power washer can be a great tool depending upon your garage door material (some pressure washers can be too powerful).

It may also be time to consider investing in repair, or even replacing your garage door entirely. While routine garage door maintenance can help a garage stay in great shape for years, garage doors that are older than one to two decades may be on their way out.

We Can Help

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