Listen To What Your Garage Door Opener Is Saying

Posted on: July 07, 2020
Listen To What Your Garage Door Opener Is Saying

Listen To What Your Garage Door Opener Is Saying

Garage doors and openers are teammates when it comes to your system functioning properly. They work in tandem to open and close your door every day. Think about how many times you activate your opener a day and you can imagine how much wear and tear these units take on year after year. While it may be obvious when you have a broken panel on your door or an issue with your rails, problems with your opener may not be as obvious. We take a look at some early warning signs that your opener may need attention.

What’s that noise? There is a motor in your opener and it has a hard job moving your heavy door up and down all of the time. If you start to hear any noises such as creaking or squeaking, these may be signs that your opener is at its end.

Different moves: Your opener should lift your door at an even speed and consistent flow. A sign of your opener malfunctioning is that it begins to move slower or with a jerky motion. These can be signs that your opener is struggling with operating your door as usual. Your door may even open and close on its own.

At a standstill: When your door will not open or close at all, it can be difficult to determine if it is your opener or the door itself that is having issues. If you can hear your opener’s motor trying to operate, then that is a sign that it is the opener. If it is just sitting there, make sure that the opener is receiving power or check your remote unit’s batteries. Our trained technicians at Affordable Garage Door can assess what the issue is by getting eyes on the problem.

Off and on: One day, your garage opener does not appear to be working but then it is fine for weeks. Then it doesn’t work again. You may chalk this up to a fluke, but lack of reliability is a sign that your opener is aging. 

Our Team Members Are Experts At Repairs

While installation is a core component of our offerings at Affordable Garage Door, we also have the expertise and experience to tackle all of your repairs. We cannot emphasize enough how heavy garage doors can be and that working on them yourself can be dangerous. A professional is truly needed to keep you and your family safe.

When it comes to repairs, we will look at your overall garage door to check on the status of your rails, springs, and panels as well as your opener. We work with both residential and commercial clients on any and all repairs. 

If you have a concern about your door or opener, please contact us anytime through our online contact form. We provide free estimates before beginning any project at your place.

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