Maintain Your Garage Door, But Call Professionals for Big Jobs

Posted on: November 27, 2019
Maintain Your Garage Door, But Call Professionals for Big Jobs

Maintain Your Garage Door, But Call Professionals for Big Jobs

What homeowners can do on their own:

Stay aware: Our garage doors can definitely be taken for granted. We rely on them to protect our personal belongings that are housed in our garage as well as allow us to access our home easily. Take a moment during the changing seasons to really inspect your door to look for visible issues. Also, listen for different or new noises that may signal a problem.

Balance test: You can make sure that your springs are properly balanced by performing a test. Disconnect your opener – typically by pulling a cord – and manually move your door to the halfway point. It should stay put, and if it doesn’t, your counterweight system may be wacky. This is when you should call in our expert team at Affordable Garage Door to help.

Eye on weatherstripping: Your garage door’s rubber weather seal at the bottom of your door helps keep out the weather and critters. This material can crack and become damaged. Review its condition and replace it as needed.

Auto-reverse safety: The auto-reverse function of your garage door is essential to making sure that it stops if an object is in the way. Place something in the door’s path and close it. As the door comes down, it should react to the object in its way. If not, call us immediately as this is a serious safety issue.

Clear your tracks: While you should leave adjustments to us professionals, you should clean out the tracks that can gunk up with debris and dirt as the seasons change.

Cleaning time: The outside surface area of your garage door takes up a large part of the front of your home, so it should be cleaned and maintained like the rest of it. Depending on your door’s material, it should be washed with a mild cleanser and inspected for warping, peeling paint, or damage. 

Connect With the Professionals for Large Problems

While you are good to go with some aspects of your garage door’s maintenance, there are some problems that need an expert hand for safety reasons. Our team works on replacing panels that have broken, rails that are wonky, doors that won’t close, or springs that are broken. Our technicians have the proper training and experience to promptly review, assess, and repair your garage door issue. We want our community members to stay safe and caution homeowners to be careful about garage door maintenance. If there is any doubt, please contact us for help.

We can answer any questions through our online contact form. Our team can come out to offer a free estimate of work that needs to be done, as well.

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