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Securing Your Garage Door Before Heading on Vacation

If you’re planning a vacation sometime soon to kick off the New Year, escape the cold, or enjoy winter sports in the mountains, it’s important that you secure your Highland home before jetting off. In addition to locking your doors, asking neighbors to keep an eye on things, and putting your mail on hold, be sure to do these important things for protecting your home, like securing your garage and garage door.

Install Security Lighting

Installing security lighting on your property is a great way to improve your home’s security, both when you’re residing in it and when you’re away. Motion sensor lighting is best, as it will activate whenever a person enters your property.

Making Sure Your Locks are Top of the Line

Not only should you be sure to check that all of your doors (including the garage door to outside and the garage door that enters your home) are locked, but you should also make sure that your locks are high quality. Doors that enter your home or garage should always have a deadbolt, which is harder to pick than are other lock types. Choose Grade I locks, which are the highest grade security locks available.

Double Check Your Windows

Have you secured all of your windows, including the windows that enter your garage? Assign a family member the task of checking to make sure all windows to your home are closed and locked before heading out of town.

Change Your Garage Door Keypad Password

When was the last time you changed the keypad password to your garage door? Have you shared the password with anyone? If you think that others might know the code, or if you have not changed it for months, you should do so before heading out. Try to pick a code that’s not obvious, and refrain from using birthdates, anniversaries, your house number, etc. If you do not have a keypad, consider installing one – call the team at Affordable Garage Door, Inc. for more information.

Consider Security Cameras

Security cameras might be overkill, but if you live in an area where crimes like breaking and entering are common, a security camera may prevent a break-in from occurring, or may help you catch the perpetrator if a crime is committed.

Contact a Highland Garage Door Professional for Security Tips

If you are worried about the security of your garage door, the team at Affordable Garage Door, Inc. can help. We offer some of the securest garage doors on the market, such as our Premium Series galvanized and pre-painted steel doors. To learn more or request a quote today, contact us online or call us now at 219-696-4279.