Securing Your Garage Door Before the Holidays

Posted on: November 25, 2022
Securing Your Garage Door Before the Holidays

Securing Your Garage Door Before the Holidays

Keeping your family, home and property safe and secure is always top of mind for our homeowners in the region. During the holiday season and the wintertime, this is an even more vital task as the holidays can be a time for more criminal activity than other times of year. Before too much snow accumulates and before you have too many gifts and valuables stored up in your home, it is time to take precautions to keep your home protected.

Keep these tips in mind for a safe and happy holiday season:

Locked up tight: If you will be gone for an extensive period of time for a holiday trip or to visit family, consider putting a padlock into place in order to truly lock up your garage door tight. You will need to disable your garage door’s electric opener to complete this task. Just make sure that you remove your lock before you try to operate your door electronically again.

Bright lights: If you do not have them already, install motion lights around your home and particularly in front of your garage so that they will get triggered if anyone is approaching your home. Having your exterior lights on a timer can also create the appearance that you are home, even when you are out of town.

Keep eyes out: If you have windows on your garage, it can be beneficial to cover them up during the holidays or when you are gone for a long trip. By having limited access to view the inside of your garage, you can reduce the ability to see your valuables and belongings. Check into shades or blinds for your garage door’s windows.

Security camera: Of course, a new security camera can help deter break-ins and help you see what is going on around your home even when you cannot be around. Many security systems allow you to view in real-time so that you can call the police or a neighbor if needed quickly.

Maintain your garage door: A broken, damaged or garage door that is not working properly can create an access point for criminals to get into your garage and then home. Make sure that you are inspecting your door consistently for any visible damage, such as cracked door panels. Our Affordable Garage Door team can inspect your door to make sure that there are not any needed repairs. We can assist with issues if your door is not opening and closing properly, which is also a big factor in how safe and secure your door is currently.

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