Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

Posted on: October 27, 2020
Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

You probably have a long list of home improvement projects you work on throughout the year, but when was the last time you thought about your garage door opener? Like your other appliances, your garage door opener needs regular maintenance in order to work properly. However, despite the maintenance, regular use can take its toll on your opener, and it will eventually need to be replaced. Not sure if it’s time to say goodbye to your current opener and invest in a new one? The team at Affordable Garage Door, Inc. has 

When to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

Many issues can point to issues with your garage door opener. Our team of garage door professionals has seen it all, but there are specific issues that usually always point towards the need for a replacement. These issues include:

  • Inconsistencies in Operation: If your garage door opens fine one day and then won’t open or only opens halfway the next, it could be a sign that your opener is on its last legs. If you have replaced the batteries in both the opener and your remotes and are still experiencing issues, it can indicate that it’s time for a new opener.
  • Irregular Noises: If you’ve had the same garage door opener for some years, you’re likely familiar with the noises that it makes. If you begin noticing changes in the sounds your opener makes, such as creaking and squeaking, or notice that your opener is uncharacteristically loud, call a garage door expert to assess your opener.
  • Door Closes Halfway, Then Reopens: A door that begins to reopen before it has the chance to close fully is a tell-tale sign that your opener is malfunctioning. If you have checked to ensure nothing is preventing your door from shutting, such as an obstacle obstructing the safety sensors, and you are still encountering the issue, it’s time to replace your garage door opener.

Benefits of Upgrading Your Garage Door Opener

Even if your garage door opener doesn’t need immediate attention or replacement, it is still a great idea to consider upgrading before you run into issues – especially if you have an older model opener. Newer garage door openers come with a slew of features that put safety and convenience at the forefront of their design. Thanks to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, automatic garage door openers are required to include safety features such as safety sensors and wall-mounted controls. These features are especially important for families with small children or pets, as they help prevent the door from closing on them.

Modern garage door openers also come with a variety of technological advancements. Smart garage door openers are some of the most popular openers on the market, and for a good reason. Many smart openers include wifi capabilities and give homeowners remote control over your door and lights on your phone from anywhere.

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