Small Tips to Avoid Big Garage Door Repairs

Posted on: March 23, 2022
Small Tips to Avoid Big Garage Door Repairs

Small Tips to Avoid Big Garage Door Repairs

Prevention through maintenance can keep your garage door working and looking its best for years! 

As garage doors are heavy and have many components, a professional is key to working on your door if any problems pop up, but as a homeowner there are little ways to avoid repairs.

Clear your tracks: The tracks of your garage door are essential to its functionality and if it can open and close properly. Your tracks are the guide that gets your garage door going in the right direction. If your tracks are full of gunk, grime or debris, it can affect their ability to work and can lead to damage or dents and dings. While your door is open, take a moment to view your tracks and take a damp cloth to clear away anything that is clogging up the area and then wipe it dry.

Keep it smooth: You can help maintain your garage door through lubrication with a formula that is specifically designed for garage doors. You should apply this to the tracks, rollers, hinges and weather stripping.

Watch your weather stripping: The soft rubber or plastic that is the weather seal for your garage door at the sides and bottom can really take a beating. Your door constantly opening and closing and wind and weather can cause this soft material to deteriorate over time. By replacing this regularly or when you notice damage, you are helping your garage door do its job even better.

Keep an eye out: While you might not be able to see certain issues, you can track any changes to your garage door by consistently taking the time to review its condition. This includes not only the panels and tracks, but also rollers and weather stripping. If you start to notice significant changes to any of the parts, it is best to have an expert come out and take a look to see if there is anything that needs to be fixed or attentionized before a big issue occurs. 

Keep an ear on it: While your garage door opening and closing causes noise, it should not be so noticeable that it disrupts your day. If you notice new or louder sounds, it may be a signal to something happening with any of the components or mechanics of your door. Listening should be part of your maintenance plan.

Let Experts Do the Heavy Lifting

If there are any concerns about your garage door, it is best to contact a professional to help with any service or repairs. Our team at Affordable Garage Door can work on your garage door’s panels, rails, cable or your garage door opener. If it is time to replace your garage door, we have many styles, colors and materials with all of the latest innovations. Reach out to us through our online contact form today.

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