Is Having a Standard Garage Door Remote Safe, or a Security Threat?

Posted on: August 19, 2016
Is Having a Standard Garage Door Remote Safe, or a Security Threat?

Is Having a Standard Garage Door Remote Safe, or a Security Threat?

Safety Tips With An Experienced Garage Door Company Highland

Most homeowners open their garage door one of two ways: via a garage door opener that is located on the wall within the garage, or with a garage door remote control, which is typically kept within the car. While a garage door remote is certainly useful – allowing you to open and shut the garage without having to exit your car – it may also put you at risk of a break in. In fact, there is a new trend amongst thieves: rather than stealing a car, thieves are breaking into cars with the intent of stealing a garage door remote. Of course, if a person steals a garage door, they are granted instant and easy access to the contents of your garage, and perhaps even items inside your home as well.

Lock Your Garage Door Remote in Your Console or Glove Box

One way that you can protect yourself is to lock your garage door remote in your console or your glove box every time that you exit your vehicle; if your garage door remote is left in the open, it may serve as an invitation to a thief. Do not take your garage door opener with you when you exit the vehicle, as you risk losing it

Make Sure You Lock the Door Between Your Home and Your Garage

If your garage is connected to your home and is not freestanding, be sure that you lock the door between your garage and your home, both when you are home and when you are away. This way, if someone does break into your garage, they do not also automatically gain access to your home. Be sure to also lock any doors that lead from outside into your garage.

Limit the Valuables Stored in Your Garage

Another way that you can protect yourself is to limit the number of valuable items you store in your garage. While the garage is the reasonable storage space for many valuable items – like bikes and sports gear – make sure any personal items, jewelry, or important documents are stored in a safe within your home.

Consider Installing a Garage Door Keypad and Ditching the Remote Control

If you are worried about another person getting ahold of your garage door remote control, you should consider installing a garage door keypad – with a personalized passcode – instead.

Protect Your Home and Your Property

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