Storing Items in the Garage: Important Steps to Take First

Posted on: October 28, 2015
Storing Items in the Garage: Important Steps to Take First

Storing Items in the Garage: Important Steps to Take First

Things That Should Never Be Stored in Your Garage

Certain things should never be stored in your garage. This is either for safety reasons (i.e., storing the item in your garage could pose a hazard of some type for you or your family/pets) or because garage storage will lead to an earlier decline of the item. Items that should never be stored in your garage include:

  •      Paint;
  •      Canned food;
  •      Propane;
  •      Open linens/paper goods;
  •      Refrigerators; and
  •      Electronics.

For paint, electronics, canned goods, and refrigerators, the reason behind why they should not go in the garage is due to poor temperature regulation; extreme heat or cold can damage these items. Per the linens and paper goods, garage storage isn’t ideal as rodents love to get into these types of things.

How to Store Things in the Garage Safely

For those things that you do plan on storing in the garage, you can take some easy steps first to ensure that they’re well protected throughout their life in storage. Make sure you clean everything well prior to storage. Then, put any small items in airtight plastic containers, which will protect these items from mold, dust, and rodents. For other larger items, like a motorcycle, use a large sheet or motorcycle cover.

Invest in an Insulated Garage Door

One way that you can mitigate the potential harm that may be caused by drastic changes in temperatures is to invest in good garage insulation, specifically garage door insulation. An insulated garage door means that many items won’t be harmed, no matter what the weather outside is doing. It also means that you may be able to safely store some of the forbidden garage items mentioned above.

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