Storing Summer Tools In the Garage Over the Winter

Posted on: December 15, 2015
Storing Summer Tools In the Garage Over the Winter

Storing Summer Tools In the Garage Over the Winter

Take Out Batteries and Drain Fuel

Leaving batteries in power tools over the winter is asking for dead batteries once the weather warms up again. Take out any removable batteries from tools (including lawnmowers), wipe the batteries down with an old rag, clean out the battery terminal, and store in a safe location that is out of reach of children and pets. You should also remove the battery from a motorcycle if you do not plan to ride during the winter. Make sure that when you’re removing any batteries, you follow proper safety protocols, like wearing gloves and safety glasses.

In addition to removing any batteries, you should also drain fuel from any fuel-using equipment in your garage, or add a fuel preservative for the winter. Adding a preservative can help to protect from deterioration.

Store Tools in a Safe Location

Storing tools in a safe place in the garage over the winter can help to keep you and your family safe. Use proper shelving units and locked cabinets to keep tools out of the way, preventing an accident from occurring. While this is especially true if you have young children at home who are full of curiosity, even the best of adults can trip over a power tools, causing an injury.

Insulate Your Garage Doors

Extreme changes in temperatures lead to expansion and contraction, which can cause damage to many garage storage items. To protect everything—and make the garage a more comfortable place to spend time—make sure that your garage doors are property insulated. This will also help to keep the garage door from freezing, and therefore being unable to open. If you have any crack, breaks, or other problems with your garage door, seek garage door repairs to improve insulation and increase safety.

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