Summer Garage Door Maintenance Musts

Posted on: June 14, 2016
Summer Garage Door Maintenance Musts

Summer Garage Door Maintenance Musts

Garage door maintenance is a year-round endeavor. And as the seasons change, taking a few extra minutes to ensure that your garage door is working properly is a good idea.

Take a Look Around

The best way to begin your garage door maintenance is too take a look around. Are there any bent hinges? Missing screws? Rust or cracks? When you open and close your garage, does it move through its rollers smoothly? If not, it could be the sign of a problem.

Wipe Everything Down

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: The easiest way to keep everything working as it should is to keep it cleaned and lubricated throughout the year. To do so, take a clean rag and remove any dirt and grime from moving parts. Then, lubricate moving parts with an appropriate lubricant, not oil or grease.

Check Your Insulation

Most people assume that insulation is only important in the wintertime. While garage door insulation is certainly key when it is cold outside, it is also necessary when it is hot, too; insulated garage doors can help to keep temperatures cool inside your garage and energy bills low throughout the summer months. You will probably be able to tell if your garage door is poorly insulated by temperature alone. However, broken or cracked weather stripping, old windows, and cheap garage door materials can also serve as an indication that insulation isn’t up to par.

What to Do if You Notice Something Amiss

Most people do not take the time to maintain their garage door. They are too busy, do not think about it, or just are not concerned. But garage door maintenance is important, and when a door is not maintained, it is at risk for decreased longevity. This not only means that you may have to spend more of your hard earned money to correct a problem later on, but that you may be putting your loved ones at risk of a catastrophic garage door accident.

If you notice something about your garage door that is amiss – like a screech when you close it or wobbling when you open it, contact a garage door professional for an immediate assessment and repairs.

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