Tackle the Grime and Grit in Your Garage

Posted on: January 21, 2020
Tackle the Grime and Grit in Your Garage

Tackle the Grime and Grit in Your Garage

Your garage is in that gray zone of outdoor and indoor space. It stores your stuff that may end up in your home. It also collects a lot of dirt when your family’s bikes, scooters, and cars roll in and out. It truly is a grimy zone! 

Follow these ideas to help keep your space clean.

Method to the madness: Starting at the top and moving down is a good path to a clean space. Dust off the tops of cabinets and storage bins. Take the time to scrub down any wall units or pegboards that can be dirt collectors. A bucket with detergent soap and water is your best tool to tackle this. A mop will help you reach higher areas. Work on cleaning your floor last to pick up any dust and debris that you may have shook loose from above.

Remember the fridge: Your outdoor fridge or freezer needs the same attention as your inside ones. Go through all of the contents and throw away expired or old items. Condiments for your summer cookouts may still be good but getting dusty. Have a bucket of water and detergent or water and vinegar to wipe down lids and bottles. Take the time to wipe down the interior of the shelves, doors, and walls until all of the grime and buildup are gone. Once you put all of your contents back in, wipe down the exterior as well. Stay on top of its contents by checking once a month and clearing old stuff, so it does not build up again.

Tackle stains: Your floor can be the victim of leaks and spills. If you have a concrete floor, there are ways to draw out certain stains. Baby powder or powdered talc can help with smaller stains and kitty litter may work if you ground it into a paste. This needs to sit on the stain and dry and then be scraped up. Scrub and rinse, and you may need to repeat the process on tough stains.

Stay on track: Putting your garage on your to-do cleaning list is important to maintain all of your hard work. Once a month, take a walk around your space and pick up wayward items and put them back in their place. Stay on top of cleaning up messes before they settle in. Plan your deep cleaning twice a year.

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