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The Most Common Garage Door Childhood Injury and How to Prevent It

While the garage is one of the most utilitarian spaces in the home, it can also be one of the most dangerous for young children who are curious. This is because the garage is full of hazards, including the garage door. The following considers the most common garage door childhood injury and tips for preventing it:

Getting Fingers Caught in the Garage Door

A child getting their fingers caught in a garage door is the most common injury type, and it is more than just painful; it can be extremely dangerous too, and cause an injury that results in the loss (of use) of the affected extremity.

In addition to getting fingers caught in the garage door, a child may also get a limb or other body part smashed under a garage door. This is common when children try to run under the garage door before it closes – sometimes, they don’t make it. Garage Door Child Safety reports that the most common causes of garage door injuries for children include pinch/crunch section joints; falling doors; DIY projects; sharp edges; glass; and spring injuries.

Perform Garage Door Maintenance

One way to prevent the injuries above from occurring is to be sure that your garage door is properly maintained. Specifically, make sure that the automatic reversal system is working properly. If this system senses that something is in its way, such as a hand or other body part, it will automatically stop descending and reverse, preventing a catastrophic injury from occurring.

Talk to Your Child About Garage Door Safety

The other important thing that you need to do is to talk to your child about garage door safety. While it might to tough to do – after all, no one wants to sound like the bad guy – it is important that you set guidelines regarding playing in the garage and around the garage door. Children should never be given access to garage door remotes, and should not play in a garage without supervision. Remind children – and model the behavior yourself – to never duck under a garage door when it is closing.

Seek Garage Door Maintenance and Repairs Today

If it has been awhile since you had your garage door serviced, what are you waiting for? Whether you have young children at home or not, ensuring that your garage door is in tiptop condition can help to keep everyone safe. For a free quote where you can learn more about garage door repair, maintenance, and more, call the professional team at Affordable Garage Door, Inc. today. You can reach us now at 219-696-4279.

Can Replacing Your Garage Door Improve Your Home’s Value?

When you drive up to a home that you have never visited before, what’s the first thing that you notice? For most people, it’s the garage door, which serves as the focal point of the entire house. Unfortunately, too many homes’ garage doors lack any real pizzazz – the house may be pretty, but the garage door isn’t anything to write home about. If you’re trying to sell your home, this could limit your curb appeal and home’s ‘wow’ factor. On the other hand, replacing your garage door to something that’s eye-catching and attractive may have the exact opposite effect.

How Your Garage Door May Be Bringing Your Home Down

When was the last time your garage door was replaced? If it has been more than a decade, you should perform a thorough assessment. Is your garage door functioning, as it should? Is the paint chipped and cracked? Is there any visible garage door damage, such as dents or broken areas? If so, all of these things are sure to affect how a potential buyer feels about your home and its value.

Improving Your Garage Door, Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal

But upgrading to a new and improved garage door that is as unique as the rest of your house is, you can improve your home’s curb appeal, and may even improve its value as well. A garage door can have an effect on a home’s appraisal value. Replacing your garage door is an easy decision for three key reasons: First, if your garage door is outdated, it may not only be unattractive, but downright dangerous – replacing the garage door can make it safer for everyone. Second, replacing the garage door is the easiest and fastest way to immediately make your home’s façade more attractive. Third, a garage door replacement is one of the least expensive ways that you can make big changes to your home. Choose a garage door that is of bold color, is of a unique material, offering an eye-catching design, has strong security features, or that is energy efficient.

Think About Garage Door Replacement Today

If you are looking for an easy way to make your home more attractive, replacing your garage door may be the answer. At Affordable Garage Door, Inc., our garage door replacement and installation professionals are ready to help you. Serving Cedar Lake and surrounding areas, call us today for a free quote at 219-696-4279.

Ring in the New Year in Style – It’s Time to Replace Your Garage Door!

2016 is your year. This year, you’ve committed to becoming a better you, getting that promotion at work, and finally completing all of your projects around your Cedar Lake home. If you have not already considered your garage door when making your New Year’s resolutions, start thinking about it now—there’s no better time than now to replace your garage door.

The Benefits of Replacing Your Garage Door

The benefits of replacing your garage door (assuming that your garage door is outdated) are multiple. Not only will you be increasing your home’s security and decreasing the risk of a preventable accident occurring—older garage doors that are malfunctioning can be dangerous—but you may also increase your home’s value, too. By replacing your garage door, you can add to your home’s curb appeal.

What Style of Garage Door Should I Choose?

If you’re not sure what style of garage door you should choose, the garage door professionals at Affordable Garage Door, Inc. can guide you through the 12 garage door collections we offer. If you’re looking for something that will really add to your home’s ambiance while also providing energy efficient insulation, we recommend the Reserve Collection Limited Series Edition. These handcrafted wood doors are as effectual as they are beautiful.

If home security is your main concern, our Cypress Collection doors may just be for you. These doors offer subtle yet modern beauty, and are perfect for the stylish homeowner. More than their looks, though, the Cypress Collections doors also offer three-layer steel protection, making them some of the most secure doors on the market.

If neither of the above choices sound like you – don’t worry; there are multiple other styles to choose from, all of which serve a unique purpose.

Do I Have to Replace My Garage Door?

The choice to replace your garage door is entirely yours. However, a new garage door can add insulation, which can save you money; can improve your home’s security, reducing the risk of a break-in; and can provide you peace of mind when it comes to garage door operation. If your garage door is dated or dilapidated, the truth is that repairing your current garage door model may be more expensive overtime than is garage door replacement.

Cedar Lake Garage Door Replacement Professionals Ready to Serve You

If you’re ready to spring into action and learn more about garage door replacement in Cedar Lake, do not wait a moment longer to pick up the phone and call the garage door replacement specialists at Affordable Garage Door, Inc. You can request a free quote online or by phone today at 219-696-4279.

3 Creative Ideas for Utilizing Your Garage Space

Your garage provides a lot of space, especially if designed for more than one car. But if you have an alternative location to park, or if you do not have enough vehicles to fill the garage, why limit your garage to a home for vehicles only? Your garage has the capacity of being so much more than that. Here are three creative ideas for utilizing your garage space:

  1. A Children’s Playroom

If you have a child or children, you’d no doubt kill for more room to store all those toys, stuffed animals, games, and books. Well, the garage may just be the answer. By cleaning the garage thoroughly, applying a fresh coat of paint, and putting down some carpets or rugs, your garage can quickly be transformed into your kids’ favorite area. Before taking the plunge, make sure your garage has plenty of windows, as no one likes a dark playroom, and exposing children to natural light is beneficial. And if there are any dangerous areas of the garage or garage door, make sure that these are renovated or repaired first. You may also want to consider adding extra insulation to help keep the garage a comfortable temperature in the colder months, as the Lake County area can get chilly!

  1. A Home Gym

If your excuse for not working out is that you can’t seem to find the time to get yourself all the way to the gym, say no more – it’s time for a home gym right in your very own garage. Converting your garage to a home gym is very easy to do – even easier than creating a children’s playroom. Make sure all obvious dangers are repaired, remove any harmful substances (like chemical cleaners), and give the garage a thorough scrub. Then, deck out your gym with all your favorite pieces of gym equipment, ranging from a treadmill to a weight bench. If your garage has good lighting, your garage can even double as a yoga studio.

  1. An Extra Living Room or Home Office

If you’re hurting for space within the home, either for a cozy place to watch TV or a functional space to get some work done, take it to the privacy and quiet of your garage. While turning a garage into an extra living room or home office can be a bit more intensive than the two projects above, the results—and all the extra space you’ll have—definitely make it worth it. Before starting, make sure your garage is equipped with everything you’ll need, such as electrical outlets.

How the Professionals at Affordable Garage Door Inc. Can Help

Transforming your garage into another room of the house can be a fun and exciting project. However, if your garage door is in disrepair, you need to invest in garage door repair first; failing to do so could pose a hazard for you or your loved ones. To help make sure that everything in your garage is in tip-top shape, call the team at Affordable Garage Door today. With more than 30 years’ experience in the Cedar Lake area, we know what we’re doing! Reach us now at 219-969-4279.

How to Choose the Correct Garage Door Opener

Have you recently purchased a new garage door? Maybe you need to replace an older door. If so, then now is a good time consider adding a new garage door opener as well. On the other hand, maybe your garage door is just fine, but you still don’t have an automatic opener installed. If that’s the case, then it’s definitely time to think about a new garage door opener for your home in St John or Merrillville. A garage door opener can make a world of difference in your life because it can add a lot of convenience. There’s not good reason to still be opening your garage door manually.

The Many Styles of Garage Door Openers

Just as there are hundreds of different styles and designs of garage doors, there are also many different kinds of garage door openers. While they all essentially perform the same function, they aren’t all the same. They are many makes and models of garage door openers, but at Affordable Garage Door, Inc., we offer the complete line of both commercial and residential LiftMaster garage door openers. However, there are still many options to choose from within the LiftMaster brand. So how do you know which garage door opener is right for you?

Important Factors to Consider

First off, you need to know that garage door openers have three different and unique types: Chain drive, Belt Drive and Screw Drive. They all have different benefits, so you need to determine which one best fits your needs.  Belt drive openers are very quiet and are a good fit for garage doors that are close to your living space. Garage door openers with a chain drive are probably the most common because they work for just about any type of garage door. They can lift even the heaviest garage doors, but are not as quiet as belt drive openers. If you have a one-piece door that tilts, then a screw drive is a good choice. They are also quieter than a chain drive opener and they are very durable.

Affordable Garage Door Can Help You Make The Best Choice

If you are looking for that perfect garage door in Schererville, then please don’t hesitate to contact us at Affordable Garage Door, Inc. We will work with you and review all your options. You will have a clear understanding of what’s available and you’ll have the necessary information to make an informed decision. We serve all of our customers with the same approach and your satisfaction and safety are our number one goal. If it’s time to get a new garage door opener, then call Affordable Garage Door, Inc. today at 219-696-4279, or toll free at 800-584-5845. You can also reach us online by clicking here.