How to Test and Repair Your Garage Door Automatic Reversal System

Posted on: June 19, 2018

How to Test and Repair Your Garage Door Automatic Reversal System

Garages and garage doors may be a desirable part of a property, adding value to a home and convenience for storage of everything from a vehicle to personal items, but garage doors have the potential to be dangerous. Which is why in order to prevent the most serious of accidents, garage doors manufactured today come complete with automatic reversal systems. These systems prevent a garage door from closing if something is blocking its path, reversing the path of the garage door and sending it back up its secure location in ceiling tracks.

And like all things, garage door reversal systems break down and need repairs overtime. Here’s a look into how to test your garage door automatic reversal system, and how to repair it if something’s amiss–

How to Test Your Garage Door Automatic Reversal System

It is important that you test your garage door automatic reversal system on a regular basis, and at least once a year to ensure that everything is working properly – failure to test and detect a problem may result in a preventable accident type.

The best way to test your garage door automatic reversal system is to put something in the garage door’s path, and then attempt to close the garage door. Different source have different recommendations regarding what you should place in front of the sensor, including:

  • A roll of paper towels;
  • A broom; or
  • A 2×4.

Use what’s handy to you. You want to make sure that as soon as you push the button to make the garage door close, your garage door sensor detects the object in its path and reverses course.

How to Fix a Broken Garage Door Automatic Reversal System

If your garage door automatic reversal system isn’t working, it probably is a problem with either the garage door opener or the photoelectric eye (sensor). The former is easier to fix, so you can start by checking that. To do so, refer to your garage door manual and locate the garage door motor and opener. There should be a knob or screw that controls closing force – you can turn in to the right or left to decrease the amount of force that is required to reverse the direction of the garage door when it comes in contact with an object.

If that doesn’t do the trick, the problem may be with the photoelectric eye. You can clean and adjust this to make sure that the eye can “see,” and that is it properly aligned with the reflector at the opposite side.

Need More Help? Call for Garage Door Repairs

If your garage door automatic reversal system still isn’t working and you’re not sure what’s wrong or how to fix it, don’t hesitate to call a garage door professional immediately. A broken reversal system can be dangerous, and garage door repairs are an absolute must.

To schedule a garage door repair with our experienced Indiana garage door repair professionals, please call us today at 219-696-4279, or request an estimate using the intake form on our website. We’ll work fast to get your garage door fixed!

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