Is it Time for a New Garage Door Opener?

Posted on: October 23, 2018
Is it Time for a New Garage Door Opener?

Is it Time for a New Garage Door Opener?

Most likely your garage door will outlast your garage door opener. The convenience that garage owners love the most is the automatic garage door opener. All one has to do is press the button on the visor in the car, or put the code in the keypad near the garage, and the garage door opens without any issue whatsoever. However, over time one day, this won’t be the case just because your garage door opener has run its course and needs to be updated or replaced.

At Affordable Garage Door, Inc. in Lowell, we have a variety of garage door openers for you to choose. We can also service your current garage door opener if it is feasible. Following are some great reasons why you need to upgrade or get a new garage door opener before your garage door opener doesn’t work at all.

Advantages of Newer Garage Door Openers

Technology has enabled garage door openers to be able to become more sophisticated. Even if your garage door opener is not failing, you may want to consider an upgrade to take advantage of the following:

Hopping Code – A Hopping Code is used in keyless entry systems to stop replay attacks, which is when someone or something records the transmission and replays it at a later time to cause the receiver to unlock. Older systems do not have this, and it is easier for hackers to get your code.

Battery Backup. Newly manufactured garage door openers use simple batteries to power your system in the case of an electrical outage. These types of garage door openers may become mandatory in California so that people can get out of their garages in case of severe weather or fire.

Exterior Keypads. If you do not have an exterior keypad, then it is time for an upgrade or a new garage door opener. The keypad is mounted near the garage door, and you enter a code to open or close the door. No more keys and no more hassle.

Safety Sensors. Safety sensors sense when something is in the way of the garage door closing, and the door will stop in its tracks. These sensors have prevented countless injuries and possible deaths.

Smart Technology. Did you or did you not shut your garage door when you left the house? No more going back home or being nervous about it until you get home. Now you can close your garage door from an app on your phone. You can also see inside your garage if need be.

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