Tips for Cleaning Your Garage Door

Posted on: August 03, 2021
Tips for Cleaning Your Garage Door

Tips for Cleaning Your Garage Door

As one of the most prominent parts of your home’s exterior, it’s important to keep your garage door in tip-top shape. Unfortunately, your door is exposed to all of the elements and critters who live outdoors, which means it’s subject to a lot of wear and tear. While many homeowners simply look for damages to their garage doors, it’s important to also focus on cleanliness as well!

At Affordable Garage Door, Inc., one of the most frequently asked questions we receive is, “How can I easily clean my garage door?” As certified experts in all things garage door installation, repair, and maintenance, we can confidently say we know a thing or two about keeping your door sparkling all year long. Continue reading to discover our top tips for cleaning your garage door!

Wash With Mild Soap and Warm Water

From the unpredictable Midwest weather patterns to the rogue basketball or sports equipment, your garage door can take quite a beating. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care when giving it a good scrub. To get your door squeaky clean without damaging the surface, you should always wash your garage door with mild soap such as dish- or car-washing soaps and warm water. 

Never use abrasive sponges or towels to clean your garage door, as it can lead to scratches, knicks, and paint damage. We always recommend using a microfiber towel or car-washing sponge to gently wipe down both the interior and exterior of your door.

Rinse Thoroughly, But Not Aggressively

As tempting as it may be, breaking out the power washer to hose off your garage door is nothing but a bad idea. We’ve already talked about how fragile the paint can be on your door, and using a power washer can potentially strip your door of its necessary sealants that prevent rot and other weather-related damages. For that reason, we recommend using a gentle setting on your hose sprayer, such as the shower setting.

Repeat Twice a Year

It’s surprising how quickly a garage door accumulates dirt and other grime. For this reason, it’s important to wash your door at least every six months. Getting into the habit of starting spring and fall seasons off with a good garage door clean is one of the best ways to prolong the life of your garage door and keep the exterior of your home looking amazing.

Take the Time to Inspect for Damage

There’s no better opportunity to inspect your garage door for damage like when you’re washing it. Use this time to look for dented or chipped garage door panels, inspect the garage door springs, and look for misalignment or other issues with your garage door rails. This may be a job that you’re uncomfortable with, or maybe there are issues you’re unfamiliar with looking for. Don’t worry! The experienced team at Affordable Garage Door, Inc. is here for all of your garage door maintenance needs. Give us a call the next time you clean your garage door, and we will happily come out and take a look for any issues. We offer free quotes year-round, so never hesitate to call or send us a message when you’re facing issues with your garage door!

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