Ways to Maximize Your Garage’s Space

Posted on: June 25, 2019
Ways to Maximize Your Garage’s Space

Ways to Maximize Your Garage’s Space

Summer is here, and that means you’re going to be digging through your garage for all the summer gear you’ve been waiting to excavate all winter long. But for many of us, this task is made harder by the spring cleaning we never got around to — and the mounds of junk we have laying haphazardly around the floors and walls. Some organization is certainly in order, but clutter is often a result of not correctly using the space you have available for storage. Here are some ways you can better use the space available to most garages — without breaking the bank in the process!

  • Use Your Rafters

Many garages have space in their rafters, or can have space, with a few DIY modifications. Adding ceiling space in your garage — particularly for the seasonal gear that is not being used right at the moment — can clean out the rest of your garage in a big way. When it’s summer, put your cross-country skis and snowshoes up above and out of the way. During the colder seasons, store your beach towels and extra hose up there. Then, as the weather turns, you can take an afternoon and reorganize, replacing the things that are seasonably inappropriate with more relevant items. This all makes for a much smoother seasonal transition than usual, and a much cleaner garage, year-round!

  • Create Wall Storage

So you’re keeping all the unused items up above in the ceiling storage — what about all the seasonal or year-round items — from toolboxes to spare car parts — that might be needed on-hand at any moment. Building wall storage — whether you are thinking shelving, cabinets or some other creative solution — can help you keep all your helpful gear organized. Further, it saves a lot more space, as you can store these items vertically along your walls and out of the way. For other items – such as winter clothing — you can build helpful wall hooks, giving you easy access the moment the fall ends and the winds begin howling in from Lake Michigan. However works best with your particular setup, stacking your items vertically will always be more efficient than spreading them out on the floor, or using storage bins.

The Efficient Garage

Everyone who owns a garage knows the pros and cons of the space. It’s great for storage — especially for those conditional items that you might not use all the time, but which you want on-hand when the time comes. Keeping your space organized and navigable — with plenty of extra space if you decide to add something new — can maximize all the benefits of owning a garage, unlocking many exciting new options for you and your family. Contact Affordable Garage Door Inc. today to see how we can help you improve the functionality of your garage with a new door!

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