Three Ways to Get More Mileage from Your Garage

Posted on: August 20, 2019
Three Ways to Get More Mileage from Your Garage

Three Ways to Get More Mileage from Your Garage

Make Your Garage Work Harder for You

Summer is officially here and that means warmer temperatures and more time spent outdoors. While the longer days provide a great opportunity to pack in extra activities, there is one thing that can rain on your parade: that is, of course, rain.

 No sense stressing about a few raindrops, however. If you have a garage, you can take cover.

Hold Your Party in Your Garage

Summer is the season for graduation parties, family reunions, barbecues and holiday weekends, and there’s nothing like transforming your yard into an outdoor venue for your special celebration. Yet, if the dark clouds roll in and the wind kicks up, all of that pre-party preparation doesn’t have to go up in (grill) smoke. 

Be sure to clean out the garage and move the cars outside when you get ready for your big bash. Shelve all loose items, sweep the floor and then hose it down. Set up long tables for food and dining and stock up on folding chairs. You’ll be prepared in case of a downpour, and you and your guests will stay dry as you hold your indoor/outdoor party.

Have a Garage Sale…in the Garage!

When there are household items that no longer bring you joy (a nod to Marie Kondo), turn your clutter into cash with a garage sale. Start with a clean, cleared out, car-free garage space and use long folding tables to display your wares. Make sure your treasures are clean, as well, and label each with its price for the best chance of a sale. 

Not only is it easier to keep track of what is being sold, but the threat of rain also won’t spoil your day, as what’s for sale won’t get soaked. Your customers will appreciate a dry place to browse and may end up purchasing more.

Painting the Inside of Your Home? Use the Garage for Temporary Storage

You want to treat your walls to a fresh coat of paint but dread the effort of moving furniture and other items. Worse yet, you have nowhere to put them while each room is being painted. Or, so you thought…

Use your cleaned-out, cleared-out garage to temporarily store what you need to relocate. Cover the garage floors with clean tarps to provide protection and a bit of padding between items and the concrete floor. Then, cover the top of each piece to prevent dust from collecting. When the painting is finished in one room, replace your items and begin the process anew for the next room.

While you’re using your garage to expand your livable space, remember that the garage door is what keeps you and your cars dry and safe from the elements. If you need garage door repairs or replacement, Affordable Garage Door, Inc., located in Lowell IN, serves all of Northwest Indiana and the Chicago south suburbs. Reach out to us today!

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