What Are the Dangers of an Old Garage Door?

Posted on: May 23, 2016
What Are the Dangers of an Old Garage Door?

What Are the Dangers of an Old Garage Door?

Most people know that an old garage door can be a bit of a hassle to deal with on a daily basis; the door might get stuck while opening or closing, the garage door remote may refuse to cooperate, and squeaky squeals may be a reality. Most people also know that a garage door repair or replacement can often add value to a home, improve its look and worth. But do you know the real dangers of an old garage door?

When Garage Doors Fall

One of the most terrifying risks that an old garage door poses is the possibility of falling and crashing down on you, your vehicle, or someone or something else. This can happen because the springs in outdated garage doors give out, and are no longer to hold the weight (garage doors can weigh more than 300 pounds).

Increased Risk of a Break In

You probably haven’t thought much about it, but did you know that failing to maintain your garage door – and replacing it when the time comes – may actually increase your risk of a break in? When garage doors and their parts rust, they become more vulnerable, making forced entry easier. Newer garage doors can also be manufactured with top of the line security features to reduce your risk of burglary.

Faulty Garage Door Reverse Sensors

Another thing to consider when a garage door is old is that it may not have a garage door reverse feature, or if it does, it may not be working properly. The garage door reverse sensor is an imperative safety feature, forcing the garage door to stop in its path and reverse in the event that something is in the garage’s way, preventing it from closing. While a broken sensor may be innocuous in the event that the something (in the garage door’s way of closing) is an insignificant object, it can be tragic if it is a body part, child, or pet. (Read the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s article on garage door safety standards to learn more about what is acceptable).

Ready for Something New?

If your garage door is old, do not put yourself or family at risk of a dangerous situation; it might be time for garage door replacement. Instead of chancing it, contact the garage door professionals at Affordable Garage Door, Inc. Our service technicians can provide you with all of the information that you need to know about how to maintain your current garage door, as well as options for replacing your garage door if it’s unsafe. To learn more, contact us today for a free quote by calling us directly at 219-696-4279.

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