What Items Shouldn’t I Store in My Garage?

Posted on: December 04, 2023
What Items Shouldn’t I Store in My Garage?

What Items Shouldn’t I Store in My Garage?

Garages, often treated as the home’s catch-all storage space, come with their own set of storage rules. While they can be convenient places to stash away items, their fluctuating temperatures and potential for dampness and pests make them unsuitable for certain belongings. At Affordable Garage Door Inc., we’re committed to installing durable garage doors that keep everything inside your garage safe. Here’s a look at some items that you should avoid storing in your garage.


Many homeowners are guilty of storing paint cans in the garage. However, paint is a delicate substance designed for specific temperatures. Extreme cold or heat can ruin its formula. Every paint can comes with recommended storage temperatures. If not followed, the paint can become unusable, which can be a costly loss considering the price of paint these days. Your basement is a safer alternative.

Oily Rags

At first glance, oily rags may seem harmless. However, when stored in a hot, stuffy garage, they can cause spontaneous combustion – a leading cause of garage fires. Containers specifically designed for oily rags storage, made from non-combustible material like metal, are a much safer option. These containers should also be small, airtight, and the rags should be covered with a solution of water and detergent to break down the oil.

Pet Food

The potent smell of pet food can attract various insect species. Feeding your pet bug-infested food is definitely something you want to avoid. If the garage is your only storage option, ensure the pet food is stored in airtight containers with tight seals to keep critters out.

Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags offer warmth and comfort, making them an attractive nesting spot for mice and other critters. To avoid turning your camping trip into a horror story, it’s best to store sleeping bags inside your home, away from potential pests.


Books may seem like perfect items to stash away in the garage. However, the damp and dark environment of a garage can be detrimental to their preservation. Insects like silverfish thrive in these environments and will feed off any starchy substance, including the binding glue that holds your books together.

Propane Tanks

Storing propane tanks in the garage might seem logical, especially if you store your grill there. However, this could easily lead to a dangerous situation. A leaking propane tank can ignite from a simple spark, causing a devastating fire. Always store propane tanks outside, in a place not subject to high temperatures and not enclosed.

Mindful Garage Storage for Safety

Being mindful of what to store inside your garage can prevent damaging, sometimes deadly, accidents. By opting to store certain items in safer places like the basement or inside your home, you protect them and decrease the chances of a bug or rodent infestation.

Also, remember to research storage recommendations for hazardous chemicals or products before storing them anywhere, let alone in your garage. Oily rags, propane tanks, and paint all have special storage instructions to keep them intact and safely contained.

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In conclusion, while your garage might be a convenient storage space, it’s crucial to understand that not all items are suited for garage storage. By following these guidelines, you can ensure a safer, more organized, and efficient garage space. After all, a well-maintained garage is not only great for your home but also for your peace of mind.

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