What Should I Do If I Damage a Garage Door Panel?

Posted on: May 18, 2021
What Should I Do If I Damage a Garage Door Panel?

What Should I Do If I Damage a Garage Door Panel?

When you’re facing scratched, dented, or cracked garage door panels, you may be asking yourself, “what do I do if I damage a garage door panel?” Here at Affordable Garage Door, Inc., we have plenty of experience when it comes to repairing garage door panels and can provide you with the options you need when you need them. If you’re unsure of the steps you should take following a garage door panel-damaging accident, take a look at the following information, then give an experienced technician a call for speedy repairs.

Examine the Extend of the Damages

There’s never an ideal time to encounter damages to your garage door, and many homeowners put off replacing their damaged garage door panels due to lack of convenience. Many think that, in order to repair your door fully, you’ll need to complete a total door replacement. Luckily, that is the furthest thing from the truth! If only a tiny portion of your garage door is damaged, you may be able to simply replace the broken garage door panels while preserving the rest of your door. Examine the extent of the damage yourself but always ensure an experienced garage door professional takes a look as well so you can be sure your door is still safe to use.

Consider Your Options

Once you’ve taken a look at your damaged door, it’s time to consider your options in remedying the situation. The repair route you travel down will be significantly impacted by the age, condition, and type of garage door you have. Taking these factors into account will make choosing the right solution much more straightforward.

  • Replace only the damaged panel: Obviously, replacing only the panel that has been damaged is the less expensive option, but it’s not always the best solution. Replacing a single panel is the path you should take if there is damage to just one panel and your door is in excellent working condition regardless of the damage. Newer, well-maintained garage doors can typically skip a complete replacement and get by perfectly with a simple panel replacement.
  • Replace the entire door: If the damage to your garage door was the final straw in calling a garage door technician for service, it’s likely time that you replace the entire door. Garage doors that have been experienced many issues for some time are the best candidates for a total replacement. While it may seem pricier than just replacing the panel, it will save you money in the long run, especially if you’ve been making repairs several times a year. Having Affordable Garage Door, Inc. install a brand new garage door will help you save on repair expenses for your entire door, such as damaged rails, old springs, and cable issues. 

Call an Experienced Garage Door Technician for Repairs

Whether you’re looking to repair or replace a single panel or want to reinvent your garage with a brand new door, calling a garage door repair company is the way to go. At Affordable Garage Door, Inc., we have a team of experienced technicians on standby ready to address all of your garage door needs. Give our garage technicians a call to schedule an appointment and receive your free garage door panel repair quote today.

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