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What’s the Best Time of Year to Change the Weather Stripping on My Garage Door?

Weather stripping on garage doors (and garage windows) is extremely important; the stripping prevents air leaks, keeps a garage insulated and more energy efficient, and keeps moisture out, which can be detrimental to garage door parts (think rust and ice). Replacing weather stripping annually, and keeping an eye on it throughout the year for any signs of damage, is very important. That being said, many people wonder when the best time of year to change weather stripping on their garage door is, and whether or not they can do it themselves, or need the help of a professional. Here’s what you need to know:

The Best Time of Year to Change Weather Stripping

You should replace weather stripping whenever you notice that current weather stripping is cracked, damage, missing, ripped, or otherwise deteriorating, regardless of the month. That being said, changing weather stripping before the coldest months of the year is often ideal, as that way your garage is protected throughout the winter. Try to change the weather stripping on your garage door on a day where weather is mild; if you try to change the stripping on a day that it’s rainy out or excessively hot, moisture or heat may interfere with the process.

Can I Change the Weather Stripping on My Own?

Yes! The good news is that while weather stripping usually needs to be replaced annually, doing so is not too complicated if you have the time and put forth the effort. In order to replace your weather stripping:

  • Raise the garage door to a convenient height.
  • Loosen the current weather stripping in order to remove it – this may require the use of soap and water.
  • Clean the retainer, the place where the weather stripping goes, after you have removed the old weather stripping.
  • Work with another person to install the new weather stripping; one person will guide it through the retainer, while the other will pull.
  • Remove any excess weather stripping that extends beyond the length of the garage door by cutting it off.

When You Need the Help of a Garage Door Professional

When you are checking the health of your weather stripping, it is recommended that you give your garage door and its moving parts a thorough lookover as well. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, like broken parts or strange sounds, you should contact a garage door professional. At Affordable Garage Door, Inc., we have been serving those in Lake County, IN for more than 30 years and know everything there is to know about garage doors. To learn more about how we can help you when your garage door is in need of maintenance or repair, call us today at 219-696-4279.