Which Type of Garage Door Opener is Best for Me?

Posted on: September 20, 2022
Which Type of Garage Door Opener is Best for Me?

Which Type of Garage Door Opener is Best for Me?

While your garage door gets a lot of attention as it is a focal point, it is the garage door opener that does all of the work! When you are replacing your old garage door, make sure to put some thought into what you need in a new opener as well. There are many factors to consider when you are thinking through this decision.

  1. How it’s driven: Openers all have a motor that moves a carriage along a rail in order to open and close your garage door. There are different ways that this action is achieved. One way is belt-driven. A belt creates a quieter and smoother process which is different from a chain-drive opener. Discuss with our team what may be best for your home if you are unsure.
  2. Horsepower: Deciding on the strength of the motor to move your door depends on the size and weight of your garage door. The heavier your garage door, the more horsepower you will need to safely operate it for years to come. Wood garage doors are often heavier and will need a higher horsepower motor to safely operate them. Always make sure that your garage door is correctly balanced to keep it moving correctly. 
  3. Backup process: You will want to have your garage accessible during a power outage, so a backup plan is a vital part of the decision. For instance, a battery backup is a way to still operate your garage door opener even without electricity or a manual release allows for the disconnection of the opener from the door to allow you to open and close the door manually.
  4. Reliability: Obviously, you want a brand and model that has a track record of working consistently for years. At Affordable Garage Door, we provide options with vendors that have a consistent record of reliability. 
  5. Wi-Fi connection: Innovations have hit the garage door industry just like everywhere else! Wi-Fi connections keep you connected to your garage door opener even when you are not home. You can access it through an app on your phone to open or close it when you are not even home.
  6. Budget: How much you want to spend should always be a factor in your home improvement decisions. If you are not sure about offerings, let our team know and we can offer our expertise and advice.

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