Why Is A Reverse Function Important On A Garage Door Opener?

Posted on: April 15, 2015
Why Is A Reverse Function Important On A Garage Door Opener?

Why Is A Reverse Function Important On A Garage Door Opener?

Changes to federal garage door laws

In fact, the US Consumer Product and Safety Commission shares that since 1982, nearly 73 children under the age of 14 have been trapped or, worse, killed due to a faulty garage door reverse function. How does this happen? When there is no reverse function, the garage door will not stop lowering, collapsing on unsuspecting young children.

Types of injuries that children have suffered include brain damage or broken limbs. One can only imagine the emotional and psychological impact that a garage door lacking a reverse function or a faulty garage door opener has on a child.

As a Lake County, Indiana homeowner, if you have a garage door that is older than 1993, there’s a good chance that the door is not equipped with a reverse function. This applies even if your garage doors don’t vibrate or make other irritating noises. The US Consumer Product and Safety Commission mandates that all garage doors built after 1991 have a reverse function. This includes imported garage doors. Depending on the condition of your garage door and its adjoining garage door opener and how both are functioning, you may need an emergency garage door repair.

Keeping garage door openers safe

It’s advisable that you check the reverse function once a month or every 30 days. To check the reverse function, place a wood or metal object beneath the door. Start lowering the door. If your garage door’s reverse function is working properly, it will stop lowering and reverse after it comes in contact with the object.

Should the door not stop and reverse, disable the automatic garage door opener immediately. Contact a Lake County, Indiana garage door installation company as soon as possible to have the reverse function or the entire garage door replaced or repaired. Other reasons to contact a garage door installation company include an imbalanced garage door or defective rollers, tracking devices and hinges.

Until the garage door is repaired, be cautious when lowering and raising the door. You don’t want to get your fingers or feet pinched or slammed. Pay attention to see if the door sticks or raises or lowers too quickly. This could be a sign of other issues, particularly with the pulleys, springs or hinges. It is better to stop using a garage door and wait until a new garage door is installed or your current garage door is repaired than to continue using a defective garage door.

Get in the habit of checking your garage door, including your garage door opener. Of course, if you or someone else has accidentally backed a vehicle into the door, you’ll want to have the door checked by an experienced and reputable Lake County, Indiana garage door installation specialist. Doing so could keep you, your children and grandchildren safe.  Contact Affordable Garage Door today at 219-696-4279 or online by clicking here.

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