Why Is It Important to Keep Your Garage Door Balanced

Posted on: October 01, 2021
Why Is It Important to Keep Your Garage Door Balanced

Why Is It Important to Keep Your Garage Door Balanced

Here at Affordable Garage Door, Inc., we talk a lot about keeping your garage door balanced. But what exactly does that mean? And why is it so important?

When your garage door is balanced, it means that your door is being completely supported by the garage door springs. This allows your garage door to open and close with minimal effort and prevents issues with other parts of your door. When a garage door is properly balanced, it means the door is in great working condition, and you should have no issues with operation. When your door is not properly balanced, many issues can arise.

Your Garage Door Gets Noisy

One of the best parts of having a functioning and properly balanced garage door is the minimal sound it makes when opening and closing. Given the size and weight of your garage door, operation will never be fully silent, but balanced doors make far less noise than those that are unbalanced. This is due to the inability to operate smoothly and the difficulties it may encounter when opening and closing.

It Takes Effort to Manually Open

A properly balanced garage door should open with minimal effort, including when you manually have to open or close it. If the next time your power goes out, you find it more difficult than usual to open and close your garage door, you’re likely dealing with balance issues that should be addressed as soon as possible.

You Frequently Have to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

The great thing about automatic garage doors and garage door openers is you don’t have to deal with the manual labor of opening and closing your door. However, an unbalanced garage door can cause issues and strain on your automatic garage door opener, causing you to replace or repair your garage door opener long before it should typically be due. The reason that an unbalanced garage door impacts your opener so dramatically is because garage door openers are designed to work with properly balanced garage doors. When your door is not operating properly, your garage door opener either has to work twice as hard to perform its jobs or simply won’t work at all.

Your Door Is Closing Too Quickly

An unbalanced door is unable to sit on its rails and work with its springs correctly. When this happens, it can cause your door to “slip” when closing and come down too quickly. Not only can this damage your garage door, but it can also cause serious injury or potentially death if a family member or friend happens to be crossing underneath the door when it’s closing.

The best way to avoid the above issues, and to avoid injury or death, is to call the professionals at Affordable Garage Door, Inc. Our team of trained garage door technicians is capable of handling any garage door issue, no matter how big or small – including unbalanced garage doors! Give us a call or send Affordable Garage Door, Inc. an online message to request your free garage door repair quote. A balanced garage door is only a call or click away!

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