Why Isn’t My Garage Door Opener Working?

Posted on: July 06, 2022
Why Isn’t My Garage Door Opener Working?

Why Isn’t My Garage Door Opener Working?

Rolling into your garage and not having to get out is a simple pleasure in life – especially in inclement weather. But sometimes your trusty old garage door opener does not work properly and you have to hop out of your vehicle to access your garage. 

Check out some of the reasons that your opener may not be functioning:

Remote Batteries: A simple and quick fix to a malfunctioning garage door opener is that your remote needs fresh batteries. Your remote “talks” to your opener inside your garage in order to open and close your door and if your remote is dead, then you are stuck outside. 

Interference interferes: If your remote’s batteries are good to go, then another issue is present and that may be signal interference. If your garage door opener does not receive the signal to open or close from your remote, it may be blocked by your home alarm system, motion detectors or more. A professional technician can help assess the situation and offer a solution.

Reset or Re-code: Your garage door opener is part of a system with a computer and technology that may encounter glitches. Just like your laptop or smartphone, every once in a while your garage door opener and system may need to be powered off, rested and powered back on by a quick unplugging. If you are trying to access your home through the keypad, the code may need to reset. Sometimes a reprogramming is needed similar to a reboot.

Photo-eyes faulty: The sensors that are at the base of your garage door affect your door’s ability to work properly. If they sense that there is something in the way, they will not close as a safety feature. If these sensors are out, your garage door opener will not close your door.

A burnt-out motor: Sometimes, the motor that operates your garage door opener may have stopped working. It is responsible for lifting a heavy garage door and eventually, it will stop working. That means it is time for a new garage door opener installed by a garage door professional.  

Professional Team for Your Repair, Installation

Garage door work should always be left to the professionals who are trained to work on the heavy units and have the technical knowledge to work on the intricate components. Our Affordable Garage Door crew members can help assess what the problem is when your garage door opener is not working and offer advice on repairs or replacement. If your opener is old and has already been repaired before, a new garage door opener is the next best step. 

We continue to provide free estimates for any work that may need to be completed or for installation of new items. When you are ready to discuss your home improvement project, reach out to our team via our online contact form.

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