Why Winter Is the Best Time to See If You Need Any Garage Door Services

Posted on: February 02, 2016
Why Winter Is the Best Time to See If You Need Any Garage Door Services

Why Winter Is the Best Time to See If You Need Any Garage Door Services

Many people store their holiday decorations in the suspended parts of the garage. While getting your holiday decorations down, take a look at the garage opener and different door pieces. If you have the ladder out anyways, take a look at the rails and gently shake them to see how sturdy they are. If you witness any bolts in the ceiling and the walls moving, there most likely is a problem. Give Affordable Garage Door, Inc. a call if this is the case.

Wintertime holds the most likelihood of your garage door and door opener getting damaged. When it gets icy and snowy out, there is an increased chance that someone accidentally slides into the door. This is just as common in driveways as it is while driving down the street. If your door accidentally gets tapped by a vehicle, there may not initially appear to be damage, however parts can become misaligned and can cause issues in the future.

In addition to this, garage doors can freeze shut to the ground, which puts strain and tension on the garage door opener, thus increasing the potential for serious damage. This happens when there is ice at the bottom of a door that melts during the day and then freezes back again during the night. Seals are also more likely to crack during these cold winter months.

If you garage door does break, this means you will have to park your car outside instead of inside the garage. This means scraping ice and snow off your windshield when the weather is inclement. If you have to park in the street, there is a chance that your car can get boxed or even hit when the snow plows come through.

By conducting a simple visual inspection, you can catch a repair that has to be made or any garage door services that need to be done soon so you can stay out of the cold.

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